Midnight Movie: "One Hour Photo"

by Mark Romanek | 2002 | 98 Min. | E/d


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Inhalt: Sy ist nett, aber unsichtbar für die Kunden, deren Fotos er täglich im Labor eines Supermarkts entwickelt. Über diese biografischen Momentaufnahmen nimmt er am Leben anderer teil ...

Synopsis: Sy Parrish runs a one-hour photo developing lab in a small mall. He's a perfectionist about his work and generous to his regular customers, including a typical family headed by Will Yorkin. Over the years, he's seen their family grow through their photographs, but when he sees evidence of Yorkin being unfaithful, coupled with a threat to his position, his already precarious mental state tips over the edge.

Cast / Crew:

Writer: Mark Romanek
Executive Producer: Christine Vachon
Schauspieler: Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan