Shorts by Christine Vachon

1983-1991 | 60 Min. | E


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Inhalt: In dieser besonderen Retrospektive zeigen wir frühe Werke von Christine Vachon, welche sie mit ihren Studienkollegen Todd Haynes und Barry Ellsworth realisiert hat. Er veranschaulicht nicht nur den Weg ihrer Karriere als erfolgreiche Produzentin auf, sondern zeigt auch einen anderen Stil ihrer Arbeiten.

Synopsis: In this special retrospective we show early works by Christine Vachon, which she realized with her fellow students Todd Haynes and Barry Ellsworth. It not only illustrates the path of her career as a successful producer, but also shows a different style of her work.


Publikumspreis | Audience Award

A Man In Your Room

by Christine Vachon

| (1983)

Synopsis: A priest wakes up repeatedly from a dream, in which he sees an attractive, partially-disrobed man in in his room. The hypnotic repetition and anxiety of his vision gains tension from the minimalist score.

Publikumspreis | Audience Award

He Was Once

by Mary Hestand

| (1989)

Producer: Christine Vachon

Synopsis: Director Mary Hestand was inspired by Art Clokey’s iconic Claymation characters of Davey and Goliath for her 1989 avant-garde short film, He Was Once. This homage was subverted by adding the dark undertone of Oedipal conflict and influence from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet and Todd Haynes’ Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story. With “pseudo-animation,” lacquered hair, oversized ear, and painted backgrounds, this visually rich short also includes a cameo from a young Todd Haynes, himself.

Publikumspreis | Audience Award

Oreos with Attitude

by Larry Carty

| (1991)

Producer: Christine Vachon

Synopsis: Richard (Keith L. Smith) and Janet (Jackie Roberts) a young black couple desperate to “make it” in the New York City. Inspired by Donald Trump’s

Publikumspreis | Audience Award


by Barry Ellsworth

| (1985)

Producer: Christine Vachon

Synopsis: A state employee tasked with photographing road conditions tracks a mysterious man, played by Steve Buscemi, who leaves suspiciously large garbage bags along a snowy country road. Writer-director Barry Ellsworth and cinematographer Mike Spiller capture the eerie desolation of a small town, where sultry passions lurk beneath the frozen state of things.